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I was amazed by her paintings, her classical realism painting technique, her masterful style, and above all by herself after having met her in her studio in Belgrade on April 17th 2004. This page is a small effort of mine towards sharing my own delight. Srdjan Kosovac

 Kosovka Marinkovich

My Magical World

Wistful longing for beauty and mystical atmosphere of classic painting, especially of the 17th century Dutch and Flemish painting is expressed by painting of Kosovka Marinkovich. The paintings often symbolize the vanity of existence and become decorative, but always yearn for intimacy between a man and the object.

First of all, one has to mention her roses, and, of course, her still lives, the fruits of the earth full of dense, sensual weight, saturated with tenderness and colour. Her motives are the reminiscence of The South of Serbia, where Kosovka was born, a place where sumptuous dining tables and gardens are symbols of our existence and of our mission here on Earth.

For a moment, being vivacious and impulsive, our painter also faced the baroque esthetic of the painting. Fascinated by the famous Flemish painter and diplomat, Peter Paul Rubens, she made a series of paintings "To Rubens With Love". She faced the hard problems of composing, drawing, exterior mythological allegory, interior spirituality of painting and vigour of Rubens' expression.

What does working after Rubens nowadays mean? Most often, art historians are those who introduce us to the old masters' works. However, here we have an opposite situation, where painter introduces us directly to the great art of Europe, by her paintings. Inspired by Rubens, her paintings seem to be a forgotten language of life itself. It is an intimate, exciting, sensual language we do not dare to use openly. These paintings are no copies, but do cherish those values of art, for which the old master had been pleading for. In 1628, during the eight months period, Rubens himself made thirty three paintings after the famous Titian thus renewing the studies of Venetian colouring.

We know Kosovka as the painter of roses, the flower which has been told for that "even its absence has a sent". And if you still ask yourself "how does she conjure the gentle touch of the rose petals on her paintings?", we will tell you Kosovka's secret... 

excerpt from critique „Kosovka Marinkovich - My Magical World" by Nada Blagojevich, the critic of art


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